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Home NewsСanadian Arctic view article in Legion magazine on Jan-Feb ,2020 and NSR association comments

Dear NSR association Russian foreign partners and observers,

Forthcoming  NSR assocation  conference consumes much of mine and my collegues time .
Reykjavik Arctic council meeting  and NSR conference   time coincide on March, 26,2020
makes us find  another time for creative solution.
It might take 1-2 weeks  and we are working with this case carefully.
I am happy to keep in contact with all our partners and friends not  just through  NSR conferences
We  are looking for feedback from Big Arctic 8 media reaction to all Arctic events  the world wide.
One well known  Canadian  magazine  «Legion» released the article about Canadian view on Arctic  strategy
I would  be glad to receive your feed back on all world-wide Arctic events.







The arcticle is  focused on NSR insfrastructure development. But NSR internal waters do not mean any confrontation at all. I may disagree with 45 days pre shipping message wanted  to be sent from  NSR passing through vessels  to   NSR administration.
But all NSR commercial sailing regulations is the matter of discussions. Those  delegates who follow our last conference speeches made by  Mr Korchunov, Russian Arctic ambassador  and  Mr Kryutikov,  stats secretary of ministry of Far East and Arctic can easily see that Russian Arctic development  and investments rules are getting much more flexible and predictable .  Definitely Russia should not follow some  Big Arctic 8  partners Arctic view: «Use it or loose it».
Russian huge investments   in nuclear-powered icebreakers and  keep NSR  shipping moving all the year  round already draws 30% of our gross domestic product from  the Arctic Russian Zone.  Not 10 -20 % as the author Mr Granastein thinks.
It is clear that difficult to see  much about US-Canada differences. Russian position is quite clear. The less confrontation — the better. I am asolutely agree with «Legion» magazine authour that we must work together with smaller Arctic states to make the Arctic a zone without conflict.
Arctic could be «win -win» management  arena only  to those who is making huge investments which could come not only from well known  Big Arctic 8 countries. But also from China, South Korea, Japan, India, France and the others. And they are making such investments in Russian shipbuilding, energy, digital, construction  branches.
Political actions do not make Arctic  energy sector life easier. We know. But they could not stop Russia to offer open hearted position  based on attractive investments terms  to share our Arctic responsibility as it happening in Russian-Norwegian partnership. Specially after «disputed area agreement» to be concluded in 2010 in Murmansk.
In Ukraine case  was  too small to stop cooperation program in the Arctic and Antarctic. If someone has a different opinion I desagree. Russia could continue developing faster  to develop NSR and Arctic infrastructure based on New Arctic strategy up to 2035.  It is Russia priority to have more  partners  in Big Arctic 8 for sure..
See you next time at our NSR conference in Moscow.


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Trans Nao shipping co dev director 
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