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Home NewsFollowing the results of the visit of Vladimir Kharlov, the Vice President of the NSR Association to Arkhangelsk on 23-25 December, 2019.

Following the results of the visit of Vladimir Kharlov, the Vice President of the NSR Association to Arkhangelsk on 23-25 December, 2019.

Arkhangelsk was and still remains a supply base for the Northern Sea Route and an important transit hub for transshipment of goods to the Central part of Russia from South-East Asia.

Educational institutions of NArFU and Arkhangelsk State Medical University have always been a talent pool for the Western part of the Russian Arctic.

That is why the first meeting with the rector of the Northern state medical University Lyubov Gorbatova was essential for the NSR Association. Professor Gorbatova was re-elected for a second five-year term, she remains active in public life and has been engaged in business and teaching at the university.




She might be the strongest leader and executive of the high school I've ever met.

We easily found common grounds upon the role of medicine and a man in the Arctic.

The present catastrophic shortage of doctors and mid-level medical staff in the region and the Russian Arctic cannot but worry and requires a legislative solution. We do not have the 200 years it may take to solve the personnel problem, if it is solved at such a pace as now.

The Council of NSR Association is sincerely grateful to rector Gorbatova for accepting the invitation to make a report at a meeting at the end of March 2020.



Rector Lyubov Gorbatova and Vice-President of NSR Association Vladimir Kharlov at a meeting 24 December, 2019, in Arkhangelsk.


The key subjects of discussion at the meetings with the Government of Arkhangelsk region, which is in turn the Association's partner, on 25 December, 2019, were tourism in the Arctic, role of the Arkhangelsk region in the development of the Arctic strategy of the Russian Federation until 2035, as well as ways of further cooperation with the NSR Association.

Arkhangelsk region is now going through the hard times. It's not only connected with the out migration and the notorious Shies story, but also the collapse of the forest industry in the region.

The Northern Shipping Company, Sawmill 25, and the Pulp and Paper Mill in Novodvinsk are the few industries to remain afloat and are the significant taxpayers to the regional budget.

Cruise tourism in the Arctic is of particular interest to the NSR Association. As the meetings at the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism Development showed, the regional authorities are deeply concerned about the slow growth of the direction.

It is no surprise that the Arkhangelsk mayor's office is to prepare special berths for the needs of cruise tourism. As is the fact that the new generation of Arctic cruise ships is not even at its design phase.

Though Lev Levit, the representative of the Arkhangelsk region Governor for the Arctic, was quite hospitable and welcoming, I couldn't fully get my head around the region's strategy in the Arctic.

Considering the major role of Arkhangelsk region along the NSR, I still hope to see Lev Levit among the speakers of our meeting "Northern Sea Route – a way to business development and international cooperation" at the end of March.

The results of the visit will be discussed at the Council of Association on 27th December, 2019, Moscow,

chaired by Artur Chilingarov, the special representative of the President of Russia in international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic and permanent President of the Association.

The meeting with the partner of the NSR Association TRANS NAO company was of a friendly nature as well, as the company's CEO Vladimir Tyurin is not only a reliable friend but also an active assistant in conducting meetings, conferences and solving organizational issues of the Association.

The autumn meeting of the Association 2020 is planned to be held in Arkhangelsk. Later on the visiting meetings and acquaintance with the infrastructure of all Arctic regions of the Russian Federation should become a good tradition and rewarding real-life experience.


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