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Three days, on March 13 -17-th, 2020 NSR association  headed by «Arctic patriarkh» Arthur Chilingarov  stayed in Naryan Mar city.Snowmobile competition to be founded by NSR assocation President 24 years ago,Naryan Mar 85 years ceremony celebration and meetings on «Intellectual Arctic city» were interesting and exciting. NSR association  gift marine watches handling  to Mayor of Naryan Mar Oleg Belak was done with  warm wishes to all inhabitants «always young» Nenets Arctic city.    But time is running fastly and Naryan Mar  people would like to live  in the clean and comfortable town where a great pleasure to live for mothers and retired persons , petroleum people and geologists, reindeerbreeders and fishmen.And to those who is carring  not an easy job on their shoulders   to keep the city tidy. Alexander  Teryaev and Vilaliy Bachukin NSR association partners had many «Intellectual Arctic city» ideas to share  with Borislav Petukhin-Naryan bus company  chief engineer, Denis Zimenkov and Alexey Ljapin «Clean City» company leaders. Mr Teryaev informed Naryan Mar friends about digital technologies implementation experience  within Olympic games in Sochi in 2014. It is always useful when professionals may arrange views exchange. Where one  can learn how digital technologies can help in rapid  snow cleaning,how to  look after the monuments and minimize city budget expenditures . Nenets collegues share their work  experience in the harsh Arctic conditions.  


 «Clean city» municipal enterprise and Mar bus company management spoke about nessessaty to have  one standard in public transport and city cleaning work in the Arctic Zone of Russian Federation. Exactly now Russian Arctic strategy up to 2035 being disccused at Federation  Federation council. Vladimir Kharlov- vice president of NSR accociation ,Federal Assembly Federation council , Arctic council member spoke about  forthcoming NSR association conference  «Northern sea route as the key point of Arctic state policy in the AZRF on infrastructure, energy sector , digital development  and international cooperation up 2035.» The conference is supposed to be on April 16, 2020 in Moscow and Nenets autonomous  district participate NSR association events  actively as usual.

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Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Federal service for Hydrometeorology and monitoring environment SSC RF "Arctic and Antarctic research center Institute».

Long-term ice forecasts for the Arctic seas for the second half of navigation (August-October) 2020.

16-th of April, 2020 NSR association conference information and NSR council meeting under Arthur Chilingarov chairmanship on March, 14 in Naryan -Mar city, Nenets district.

Welcome to Russian and foreign NSR association partners and friends to join to the previous and updated events

Welcome to Russian and foreign NSR association partners and friends to join to the previous and updated events where we are involved in November -December, 2019.

A Conference of the Northern Sea Route Association will be held in March 2020.

We invite you to attend the Conference "Northern Sea Route - a path to development of business and an international consensus" that will be held by the Northern Sea Route Association in Moscow in March 2020.


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