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Dear NSRA partners,
We are moving  to very   important events to us, headed well -known in Russia and abroad by Arthur Chilingarov,
NSRA president, MP  and Envoy on the international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic 
General assembly date and new NSRA council members appointment time  is coming soon.
We are moving   to  March 17, th, 2022 event when  NSRA  online conference  on Northern sea route ports, infrastructure
and international cooperation would take place .
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Photo:NSRA  workshop in Naryan-Mar (NAO) in December 07, 2021: Sergey Sizonenko (Taimyr region), MP of the Krasnoyarsk regional Parlirment , RAIPON vice-president, Vladimir Kharlov, NSRA vice-president , Yuri Khatanzeysky, Nenets vice-governor on Nenets  and other Indigenous peoples of the North cooperation
As usual some NSRA  reports are coming from partners from  Russian Arctic territories-Jamal, Sakha-Jakutia, Chukotka,Murmansk,
Archangelsk,Taimyr region from US, Norway, Canada, Sweden, France, Japan. 
The conference program, speakers list would be released next week.
Please follow.
The last three business  weeks made NSRA travel a lot in the South Ural where many Russian industrial giants are  located.
We visited  Asha Steel  factory which produce high quality steel for aviation needs. Not for icebreakers construction  yet,
as we expected. 
Ashinskiy metal factory LTD visit and Vladimir Urievich  Myzgin   general manager meeting    was interesting . .
We would write about this event at our web-site.
Ural civil aviation factory visit   and discussions on «Baikal» plane  for Arctic and Far
East needs is coming next. The plane just had  successful test flight in Yekaterinburg region area in January, 30,2022
Both companies applied to join NSRA  as our partners. 
South Ural, Chelyabinsk university International ties faculty  NSRA lecture info on our main directions to be released at the web-site soon. 
I was not able to avoid writing  in Rusnord agency about «Freedom convoy» events happened in January, 29 , 2022 in Ottawa up to now .
Good bless Canada that peaceful rebel in Canada  would not be converted into  brutal way.
Rusnord information agency (Archangelsk)  and chief- editor Leonid Chertok is concluded agreement on  NSRA information partnership last January.   
Covid is making changes in NSRA schedule last two years. That is why  Taimyr region NSRA  workshop in March, 22-25,2022
remains uncertain.  
We would join Moscow, Saint -Petersburg  Arctic conferences and would continue arrangements regarding 
90 years NSRA meetings when  first ice -breaker «Alexander Sibiryakov» has covered  Northern sea route in autumn 1932 .
Archangel  city - the first sea port of Russia and High marine school after captain Voronin would be the place where NSR 90 years anniversary
would be honoured .
The event would take place in the first week of November 2022.  NSRA partners, observers, friends are very much welcome to my native city
NSRA web-site, our information partners The  «Arctic Herald» magazine,(Foreign affairs ministry), «Naryana Vynder» (Naryan-Mar, Nenets region)  newspaper and  Rusnord information agency  would keep you informed about NSRA updated events
We wish you  the  best weekend in your life.
We wish you to be healthy and stay in good peaceful agreement with yourself
On behalf of NSRA council
Vladimir Kharlov
NSRA vice -president
AZRF working group member on socio-economic dev under
Federation council of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation

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NSRA main events in 2022

Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Federal service for Hydrometeorology and monitoring environment SSC RF "Arctic and Antarctic research center Institute».

Long-term ice forecasts for the Arctic seas for the second half of navigation (August-October) 2020.

16-th of April, 2020 NSR association conference information and NSR council meeting under Arthur Chilingarov chairmanship on March, 14 in Naryan -Mar city, Nenets district.

Welcome to Russian and foreign NSR association partners and friends to join to the previous and updated events

Welcome to Russian and foreign NSR association partners and friends to join to the previous and updated events where we are involved in November -December, 2019.

A Conference of the Northern Sea Route Association will be held in March 2020.

We invite you to attend the Conference "Northern Sea Route - a path to development of business and an international consensus" that will be held by the Northern Sea Route Association in Moscow in March 2020.


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