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Moscow remains open to dialogue on the Northern Sea Route (NSR) with all international partners but Russia do not plan to use the Route jointly with Norway as the Route is Russia's national transportation route, informs the Izvestiya on Monday with reference to the Russian Embassy in Oslo.

norvegVladimir Isupov, Senior Counselor of the Embassy, explains: "As far as we know Norway looks out for opportunities that will appear as the Route will develop. Yet Norway remains an observer.". The Embassy also pointed that the matters of navigation on Spitsbergen remain beyond the NSR framework because, as of now, NSR passes only within Russian territorial waters from the city Arkhangelsk on the West and to Chukotka on the East.

The newspaper also points Norway's position: Oslo raises doubts about NSR's economic viability and plans to examine its environmental friendliness. In particular this has been stated by Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, Head of the Norway Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister emphasized: "As of now the Route operates within the framework of the existing agreements, but it is reasonable to examine its' alignment with ecological standards imposed in respect of maritime navigation routes in the Arctic. As far as I know, NSR has significant problems with all aspects starting with carrying out search and rescue operations and lack of infrastructure throughout the entire route and ending with quite harsh climate. This all makes it quite difficult to make the route profitable and commercially successful like many want to see it". Søreide also emphasized that Norway do not consider possibility of allowing to use the Spitsbergen ports within the NSR's framework. She explained: " Spitsbergen is a part of Norway's territory, the island is not a subject to be discussed within the project. First we have to examine this opportunity keeping in mind Norway's sovereignty over the island and NSR's influence on the environment and NSR's compliance with ecological requirements".

The Northern Sea Route is a coastal route, the main maritime route in the Russian Arctic. It lasts along the Russian northern coasts through seas of the Arctic Ocean. NSR links Russia's European and Far Eastern ports and river mouths of Siberian navigable rivers into unified transportation system. Total length of NSR is 5600 km from the Kara Strait to the Providence Bay.

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