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Home Events 16-th of April, 2020 NSR association conference information and NSR council meeting under Arthur Chilingarov chairmanship on March, 14 in Naryan -Mar city, Nenets district.
Dear NSR association partners, observers and  friends.
To day I finalize my working journey to  Ural region where I had many interesting and useful meetings with possible
candidates to enter NSR association.
On March 7-th, 2020 there was my wedding ceremony to be shared with Galina Ryabova from the South Ural and I am happy to inform you about this important event in my  life.
I am pretty sure that we would move firmly  to develop Arctic vector in the frames of Northern sea route association  events together with our Russian and  international partners.
Now we are on the way to to inform you about the  place where forthcoming NSR association conference «Northern sea route  and the main  directions in the field of infrastructure, shipbuilding,energy, digital, international cooperation as  the new Russian Arctic basic points  government issues in the state policy up to 2035» would take place on Thursday, April 16, 2020 in Moscow.
It might be Federation Council -Uppe Chamber of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation located in New Arbat street 19 with its tough permission access regime. Or it might be  the same place Sovcomflot company office in Gashek street 6 as we had our last conference .
We are still very grateful to our old friends Sovcomflot company which is  having leading LNG , crude oil  tanker carrier position and we say thank a lots again to  Igor Tonkovidov and Sergey Frank in person because of our last October  NSR association conference.
At  NSR association council meeting  to be headed by Arthur Chilingarov and being arranged by Alexander Tsybulskiy -Nenets district governor and NSR association council on  Saturday March 14 in Naryan Mar city. The council meeting would take place when  24-th Nenets region snowmobiles races after Arthur Chilingarov would be finalized. I and my collegue Pavel Seleznyov, executive director of NSR association  would inform about 5 Russian Arctic regions, 4 «Big Arctic 8» countries, partners from China, India, Japan, France, shipping business, Atomflot company, port of Tiksi , Archangelsk, Murmansk,Gaspromneft and Lukoil companies, NSR administration, Glavmorspassluzhba RF, Kamchatka transport hub, VEB bank, Russian and Norwegian research institutions, Customs and Border service having  intentions to participate the conference and be the conference speakers.
See more about  our   conference on April 16, 2020 in Moscow  in  NSR association web site. Invitation and participants list would sent within week 13, 14. 
Best regards
Vladimir Kharlov
vice -president of NSR association,
Federation council  Federal Assembly of Russian Federaion 
Arctic and Antarctic council member ( infrastructure and transportation committee) 
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